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We are Business Brokers Selling Privately Owned Companies Throughout Texas and The U.S. 

Commerce Business Advisors will help
you buy or sell a business in the U.S.

Buying or selling a business can be a complicated task, particularly since in most involve parties that only enter into this type of transaction once or twice in their lifetime.

Making the most from a business investment is a process that begins prior executing the purchase

contract, extends well past the closing, and includes many intricate steps.

Commerce Business Advisors prepares businesses for selling on the open market through hands-on, ready-to-implement advisory services and solutions that significantly improve business sustainability.

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CBA has developed a dynamic platform to deliver superior

results. The platform involves bringing together a team

of experts in various fields such as: Tax Planning, Legal,

Insurance and HR, Business banking, Strategic marketing,

and Operations.

Each of these are important elements to business owners

to improve the businesses value on the open market,

protect owners from liability, retain equity, and leverage

resources to facilitate the transaction.

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With the platform in place, our advanced business

sales process is focused on producing a more

successful, hassle-free transaction through:

  1. A Proper Business Valuation
  2. Detailed Pricing and Listing Analysis
  3. Exhaustive Market Outreach
  4. Transaction Structuring
  5. Experienced Negotiation Tactics
  6. Advisory Collaboration
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Brand Promise

Commerce Business Advisors’ mission is to offer the wisdom and depth of experience necessary

to provide stellar representation for the sale or purchase of businesses and companies in Texas.

Our work is intricately performed by an accomplished team, to comprehensively evaluate and

understand each business, optimize the pricing structure, and deliver a sales process that is

superior for our clients.


We combine a superior business sales Platform and Process to produce a more successful transaction.