Business broker in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, TX

Why hire a business broker?

If you are a business owner considering to sell your business, but wrestling with the thought to hire the services of a broker, call us at Commerce Business Advisors right away. Be rest assured we will provide you with the best business broker who will market your business for sale at its best. Every broker in our company is adept in this field and can guide you all through the process. The areas that we serve include the different parts of San Antonio, TX, San Marcos TX and Waco TX.

The Commerce Business Advisors Difference

  • Confidentiality- our business brokers are highly professional and thus know that maintaining confidentiality indeed is the key. They will market a business for sale devoid of divulging the name till the time the right buyer is located. Besides, they will also advise you regarding the most opportune time for dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and landlords
  • Negotiations- our brokers possess a good history of flourishing transactions as well as access to much more information compared to what you do. It enables our brokers in negotiating a higher selling price in comparison to what you could do via your own
  • Packaging- though you will offer the information, but our brokers are aware of the right ways of putting a business in its finest light with the help of a memorandum that is professionally prepared. Besides, they are also aware of what financial information a buyer will require to see prior to making the offer
  • Focus- our brokers will help in selling your business as you concentrate on running your business properly
  • Valuation- our brokers being adept in this domain can estimate the fair market value of your business using different valuation methods. They will also provide possible deal structures for increasing your firm’s salability

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, our business brokers will help in the documentation, screening, maintain a good bond between the buyer and the seller and deal with every milestone along the way. So hiring them makes sense.

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