Business brokers in Georgetown, Round Rock and Waco, TX

What business brokers bring to the table

Buying or selling a business is a risky process and a business broker can help you navigate the murky and stormy waters. Commerce Business Advisors are business brokers in Round Rock TX, San Antonio TX and Waco TX and they can help you successfully buy or sell a business. So what does a business broker bring to the table?


A broker already has a list of business for sale as well as a portfolio of potential buyers, much like a realtor will have lists of houses for sale and potential buyers.


Business brokers will have websites and other marketing channels and can quickly get your business out there and in front of eager eyes.


Business brokers have knowledge about various businesses as well the practical and legal steps involved in buying or selling a business.


You might not want anyone, especially current employees, to know you are selling your business. A business broker will protect your identity and that of your company for as long as is needed.

Business Continuity

Whilst your business is being sold, it still has to continue operating. That most likely means you have to continue running and managing it. Selling a business takes a lot of time – finding potential buyers, meeting potential buyers, preparing legal documents and so on.


Business brokers are trained in the art of convincing and closing deals. They will more easily be able to convince someone why he or she should buy your business. Business brokers can present your shop, retail outlet or store in a favorable based on sound and convincing facts.

Business valuation

Determining the true value of your business can be difficult and owners often value their business on subjective rather than objective factors. Business brokers know how to value a business objectively based on various factors such as financials, prospects, market conditions and so on.

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