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We have developed a dynamic platform to better serve our clients.
The platform involves bringing together a team of experts in various fields
such as: Tax Planning, Legal, Insurance and HR, Business Banking,
Strategic Marketing, and Operations.

Each of these are important elements to improve the business value on the open market, protect
owners from liability, retain equity, and leverage resources to facilitate the transaction.

  1. Tax Planning to plan on the most advantageous structure of the deal or to restructure the present business to
    enable the greatest return to the owner. When buying a business, work to structure the purchase so the greatest
    value can be offered to the seller, and in return, the structure has tax advantages for the buyer. Doing advanced
    tax planning establishes the vehicles to minimize the tax impact when the sale eventually occurs.

  2. Legal Knowledge to enable the transaction to be structured in a fashion that lowers risk for our clients.

  3. Insurance and HR to assist in the maximum protection for the owner of the business and the greatest savings.

  4. Business Banking for the acquisition, operating capital or expansion of the business.

  5. Strategic Marketing and sales development for the businesses not yet ready to sell but want to grow the
    business and the profits to enable greater returns and a greater sale price when that time occurs.

  6. Operations to streamline processes and management of the business in a manner that improves consistency
    and business succession. This formalizes and develops functions and roles for employees and cultivates
    stewardship for a buyer.