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Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos, Seguin, and Waco TX

Commerce Business Advisors prepares businesses for selling on the open market through hands-on, ready-to-implement advisory services and solutions that significantly improve business sustainability.

    1. A Proper Business Valuation to properly position the company for sale.

    1. Detailed Pricing and Listing Analysis to maximize the sales price and
      marketability of each business.

    1. Exhaustive Market Outreach to find the right buyer, or to find the right
      business to buy.

    1. Transaction Structuring to create sales results that satisfy the principal
      needs of the parties and improve sale success rates

    1. Experienced Negotiation Tactics that keep the sales process on track
      and protecting the interests of our clients.

  1. Advisory Collaboration with our platform of third party experts.