Sell my business in Austin, San Antonio and Seguin, TX

Can a broker help me sell my business?

Your business is valuable to you and when the time comes to sell you want to realize as much of that value as is possible. So if you are asking some questions such as

“Should I sell my business?”

“How do I sell my business?”

“Who can help me sell my business?”

then it is time to get professional advice from an accredited business broker.

Selling a business is a complicated and risky task and one you should not attempt on your own. Commerce Business Advisors have years of experience in selling and buying of business and they can help you sell your business. It does not matter whether you have retail business in Austin TX, a restaurant in Round Rock TX or a travel agency in San Antonio TX, they can help you sell your business for the best possible price and within the shortest possible time.

Selling a business is not something you and I do every day. Most likely it is something we might do once in a lifetime. So clearly you and I don’t have the experience or know how to do it right. After all you don’t just want to get rid of your business. It has been your baby for many years and you want a fair price and hopefully find a buyer who will be as passionate about the business as you are.

If you are thinking “the time has come to sell my business” then you need help putting the sales process in place. This involves a number of important things such as:

  • Determining the real market value of your business
  • Finding out what the market is willing to pay
  • Ensuring the financials are in order
  • Ensuring tax returns are in order
  • Ensuring all licenses and legal things are in order

If your business is making a living wage for one or more people, there will be a buyer out there.

A professional business brokers can help you with all the important steps, including finding the right buyer.


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