Selling my business in Round Rock and Austin, TX

What I need if I am selling my business

I have had a good run but now I am selling my business. This could well be you speaking those exact words. The thing is that selling a business, for whatever reason, is not a straightforward process. Commerce Business advisors have helped countless of business owners in Austin TX, Georgetown TX, Round Rock TX, San Antonio TX, Sequin TX and Waco TX sell their businesses.

I am serious about selling my business. If you are thinking or speaking these words, then it’s time to seriously consider the whole process. You might have your own ideas about what your business is worth, how it will be a great investment for a potential buyer and so on. But a buyer will also have his or her own ideas. Knowing what buyers generally look for is an important part of a successful business sale.

When selling a business, the seller can only benefit from professional guidance and assistance. If you really want to sell your business you need to set it at the right price. If you ask for more than it’s worth you will have difficulty finding a buyer. If you sell it for less you are throwing away money. So what is the right price? The right price has to be determined objectively and not subjectively. The market place will determine the real selling price which is what a willing buyer will be prepared to pay.

You also need proper information and records related to your business if you want to conclude a successful sale. These include proper financial records, Income Tax returns, asset register, lease or rental agreements as well as legal and founding documents.

So if I am selling my business I need

  • A good business that makes me a living
  • Proper financials, records and documents
  • The help of a professional business broker



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