Commerce Business Advisors combines over 20 years experience as business brokers and business attorneys to bring success to our clients by selling their businesses for top market prices.

Sometimes an unexpected circumstance causes a business owner to need to sell such as health, divorce, partnership breakup, etc., yet other times it is simply a matter of the business owner wanting to free up time. Whichever it may be for you Commerce Business Advisors can assist you.

How do you know when to sell? Do you know the market value of your business?

Commerce Business Advisors offers a free market analysis and guidance on positioning your business for a sale. We will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to enable you to furnish the necessary information for the analysis. We guarantee you will have our analysis within two weeks with no additional obligations.



Advisory Services

We are committed to providing the highest level of integrity and ethics as we deliver to our clients the following services:

  • Exit strategy and transaction advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Advisory services to sell your company at the highest value
  • Joint Ventures
  • Acquisition advisory services.

Capital Acquisition

Commerce Business Advisors provides professional and strategically focused advice and consultation for selling or purchasing businesses.

We also assist buyers and sellers of businesses with finding funding and preparing the necessary legal documents for the transaction

One of our clients called us last year to sell their business located in Colorado. We prepared the information on the business after conducting a market analysis. A qualified buyer was found within 30 days and a contract was executed with 90 days at the top end of our market analysis value.

Don’t postpone your decision.

Sign up now for a free and confidential market analysis.