Success Stories

The Challenge: “In 2010, a business owner came to us to sell his business. His reasoning was pretty simple. ‘I have a daughter and I want to spend more time with her as she grows up’. He wanted to be able to walk away with $500,000.00 in his pocket.

The Methods: After inspecting financials, detailing a market perspective, and creating a custom marketing plan; we signed the listing agreement and went to work.

The Results: Within 30 days of listing the company, we had a contract for more than the list price. In 3 months we closed and the client was very, very happy since he could now spend precious time with his daughter and had funds to invest in other promising projects. We stay in touch regularly even though our work is done.”

Repeat Clients

In 2004, we had the privilege of working with a husband and wife who owned a franchise in Austin. They owned Fast Fix Jewelers, a national franchise company.

I located a buyer and assisted the buyer with their SBA lending process and closed the sale.

The couple moved to Denver, Colorado and opened a Fast Fix store in one of the major shopping malls. Subsequently they opened a second store in one of the high-end malls also located in Denver and then later a third store in a neighboring community in a mall anchored by Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. In 2013 they contacted me and stated they wanted to sell and move back to Austin. They asked if I would handle the transaction since they owned the stores as Texas corporations. I agreed to assist them.

The buyer was able to use his 401K to acquire the businesses allowing him to place the business into his retirement plan. This enabled him to continue to grow his retirement, but not incur any penalties for early withdrawal, because it was set up to comply with IRS rules and regulations. This not only shortened the process for funding, but also allowed the buyer to fund the business without incurring a loan and placed the seller in a preferred position for the seller financing.

Repeat clients are great!

More Success Stories

A food manufacturing and retail business was sold to a private investor. The business sold for 90% cash and 10% owner finance to a financially qualified buyer. After interviewing several potential buyers the ultimate purchaser was chosen because they owned food businesses and had the strongest financials.

An assisted living facility was sold for 100% cash to a private investor. This facility was located in a rural community in Central Texas, but ultimately a buyer who owned other assisted living facilities in rural communities was located and made a very good offer for cash.

Assisted with the acquisition of a national corporate healthcare company for a private company looking for an add-on company to better serve their client and assist with opening additional opportunities. The company purchased was located in Maine and the client was located in Austin.

A food manufacturing business located in Austin was sold within 5 months of being listed for a price greater than the seller had stated they wanted to receive when we were engaged. A great price was obtained. We had many interested buyers, because we had priced it reasonably, resulting in a sale price that included 80% cash and a 3 year note, which was subsequently paid in full during the following 12 months.

A client engaged us to find a financial partner to purchase options for oil and gas leases in West Virginia. A financial partner was located through some of our contacts and after a meeting in Dallas they agreed to fund the project. The project resulted in the acquisition of approximately 500,000 acres of lease options and leases plus 80,000 acres of mineral rights, which totaled an investment of approximately $20,000,000.

Two good friends had owned a dry cleaning and laundry rental business for 25 years and came to me when they decided to retire. The business serviced the Central Texas area and employed over 50 employees. The financial records were impeccable and made the sale smoother and allowed us to obtain top value. We were able to obtain 90% cash and a sale of $2.25 million transaction.

A local freight company servicing several states with $10 million in revenues engaged me to sell their business and within 6 months the transaction was closed for approximately $4 million.

An Austin based property management company with over 25 years of history engaged our services to sell their company. A buyer was located and the business sold within 6 months for a great price and 90% cash with the remainder owner financed, which was paid in full in two years.

A roofing company located in Central Texas was listed after consulting with the owners for two years concerning steps they should take to increase the value of the company and its revenues. The revenues were increased from $500,000 annually to $2,000,000. We were able to sell the company for a great price which involved a seller’s note to a financially qualified buyer.

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